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Launched in 2009 in London, UK, CarrieMe's first product range is a fun and colourful baghook range, that solves where to put your handbag when at a table or bar, whilst adding a touch of elegance and glamour.

Inspired by London's unique influence as a centre for fashion and art, CarrieMe's different collections bring colour and elegant design to a new type of fashion accessory.

What is a Bag Hook?

Care about your designer handbag?
Carry your life in your handbag?
Ever worried about where to put your handbag at a restaurant, café or bar?

- Floor? Too dirty.
- Back of the chair? Too risky.
- Lap? Too uncomfortable.
Surely there's an alternative?

The CarrieMe is the elegant solution. It's a stylish fashion accessory that hooks your bag to the table, enabling you to hang your bag right beside you, whilst adding a touch of glamour. And not only does it hang your handbag, you can also hook up your laptop, your coat or your umbrella too, as it can carry up to 6kg.

Simple to use, the CarrieMe is a neat foldable gadget that can be kept in your handbag - handy for when you're out and about.

Delivery Info

We ship to most countries. If your country appears to be excluded please contact us for quote. Some products, mainly full length umbrellas and walking sticks longer than 60cm are not offered for international delivery because the cost is prohibitive. Some EU countries are more accessible with postage between £12 and £20. Please contact us for more information.


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