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Eureka Stockade are designers and manufacturers of high quality hats and accessories. As the name suggests we started out promoting Australian products and indeed most of our leather hats were made in Australia.However we have diversed and now make a range of products from a wider range of factories and raw materials from various countries.

We offer a wide range of hats including trilbys, pork pies and caps, but our unique style has been created by making them in modern fabrics such as genuine Harris Tweed, various leathers, felts and suede’s. The use of such fantastic materials makes our products a great fusion of classic styling with a modern edge. This reflects our ethos of fashion for independent people who like to make a statement.

Our products are great for both men and women of all ages and offer a stylish yet practical solution. They are suitable for everyday use and look great in both the town and countryside.

To compliment the use of premium materials in our products they are manufactured to a high quality which results in a product designed and produced with care.

We are constantly looking to improve and add to our range with new products and materials.

Our products really are a must have fashion accessories.