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Tilley Hats

The Tilley Hat. Acknowledged 'the best in the world' - free replacment if it ever wears out! All the wonderful Hats have a fantastic Lifetime Guarantee. Proudly made in Canada, if you don't see the model and or size you want, contact us directly and we will get it for you.

What makes Tilley Hats the best in the world? To start, they're floatable, there's a trusty windcord so they won't fly off your head and best of all, they're insured. Did we mention they block 98% of the sun's harmful rays? There are a lot more reasons too, but we'd rather have you discover them for yourself.

Delivery Info

We ship to most countries. If your country appears to be excluded please contact us for quote. Some products, mainly full length umbrellas and walking sticks longer than 60cm are not offered for international delivery because the cost is prohibitive. Some EU countries are more accessible with postage between £12 and £20. Please contact us for more information.


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We are an independent retailer of accessories and gifts specialising in items as diverse as Classic Canes walking sticks, Nobile Glass and Giftware, Levin Brothers Scented Candles and Diffusers. Brakeburn Bags and Accessories, Fox and Chave Ties and Scarves, Heathergems Scottish Jewellery, A E Williams Pewterware, and hats from Tilley, Olney and Denton to name but a few.

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