Gifts For Everyone

Ideal Gifts for any Occasion

Men’s Gifts and Women’s Gifts. Hats, Belts, Umbrellas, Walking Sticks, Jewellery, Scarves, Cufflinks, Tie Pins, Messenger Bags, Purses, Wallets, Ties and Much More:

  • Ipad covers in a variety of styles from Stackers, Tumble and Hide and 1642
  • Beautiful leather messenger bags and holdalls for people with busy working or social lives
  • Crooks, staffs, canes and walking sticks, folding and rigid, including orthopedic support to ensure you can move well and look good
  • Umbrellas – Attractive, practical and sturdy compact and walking umbrellas to keep you dry even in the wind from Jani Markel
  • Jewellery, trinket and gadget storage from Mele and Dulwich Designs
  • Grooming sets – ladies and gents
  • Mirrors for your bathroom, dressing table or bag
  • Stylish reading glasses from Goodlookers (Sunglasses coming soon)
  • Unisex scarves and hats for Summer

Many other lines and of course new products coming in all the time…. Keep checking back, even better – sign up for our newsletter.

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